Ruoholahdenkatu 21

Ruoholahdenkatu 21


Lounas menu 

Fresh soup and salad bar 10,70€

Oh my Buffet 12,00€

Rescue lunch 6€ (14.00-15.00)


Monday 18.1

Chicken in butter (G)
Veggie patties (G,L)
Fried Mushroom soup (V)


Tuesday 19.1

Roasted pork neck and mahón cheese gratin (G)
Jalotofu in cashew sauce (V)
Mashed veggie soup (G,L)


Wednesday 20.1

Meat balls and tomato souce (M)
Baked artichokes and broad bean (G,V)
Chicken soup (G)


Thursday 21.1

Cardamom Beef stew (G,L)
Falafel and Beet&Cream sauce (G,V)
Cauliflower and cream soup (G,V)


Friday 22.1

-OMB Friday Feast-

We are launching our new strategy of minimizing food waste And stepping a little bit closer to the healthy and sustainable world. Idea is to use every single ingredients and most part of it.
In the professional kitchen you throw away a lot of stuff and in some point you start to thinking that this must be waste of time and world.
Let’s step on the side of the mind where we don’t see the waste, we see ingredient and respect it from the head to the bottom from the flower to the stewed dish.